A Dog’s Life

Humans do a horrible job of enjoying the present. I am certainly guilty of this. The past haunts them and the future frightens them. Dogs suffer from neither of these problems. Whether I am gone all day or step outside for 5 minutes, when I return it is the single greatest moment in dog history: “Oh my God, Brad is home! This is AWESOOOME! ” with butt wiggles and tail wagging. It is like playing peek-a boo with a baby. It never gets old. This is because they perpetually dwell in the here and now. What if everyone was that happy to see you? Walk into the office “OMG, it’s BRAAAD!” while rushing to shake your hand. Come home at the end of a long day to your wife and kids running down the driveway to greet you shoutingHumans do a horrible job of enjoying the present. “DAAAD is home!” with great big hugs. I think heaven may be something like this. Everyone will be eternally glad to see you. There will be no past or future, only the eternal present. Eternity is not a long time, it is the absence of it and when time no longer constrains you, you can forever enjoy the moment.

Remember the past, but don’t dwell on it.

Live in the present, but don’t waste it.

Envision the future, but don’t long for it.